A family of product estimators for population mean in median ranked set sampling using single and double auxiliary variables

by Azhar Mehmood Abbasi and Muhammad Yousaf Shahad.

Abstract: In this article, we proposed a family of product estimators for estimating population mean in median ranked set sampling(MRSS) using single and two auxiliary variables adopting the family of estimators proposed by Khoshnevisan et.al(2007). The expressions of bias and mean square error (MSE) are derived. A comprehensive simulation study has been conducted to compare the MSEs of the estimators.It is found that the estimators based on MRSS perform better than the estimators based on simple random sampling (SRS). A real data set has also been used to illustrate the method.

Key Words: Keywords:Simple random sampling(SRS), ranked set sampling(RSS),extreme ranked set sam- pling(ERSS),median ranked set sampling(MRSS),bias and mean square error(MSR)

Author:Azhar Mehmood Abbasi, abbasiqau2007@yahoo.com
Muhammad Yousaf Shahad

Editor: Khaub, James R, jamesRknaub@gmail.com

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