Estimation and Testing Procedures for the Reliability Functions of a Family of Lifetime Distributions

by AjitChaturvedi and TarunaKu.

Abstract: A family of lifetime distributions is considered, which covers many lifetime distributions as specific cases. Two measures of reliability are considered, R(t) = P(X > t) and P = P(X > Y). Point estimation and testing procedures are developed for R(t) and P under type II and type I censorings. Three types of point estimators are considered (i) uniformly minimum variance unbiased estimators (UMVUES) (ii) maximum likelihood estimators (MLES) and (iii) invariantly optimal estimators (IOES). A new technique of obtaining these estimators is introduced. A comparative study of different methods of estimation is done. Testing procedures are developed for the hypotheses related to different parametric functions.

Key Words: Family of lifetime distributions; point estimation; testing procedures; type I and type II censorings

Ajit Chaturvedi,
Taruna Kumari,

Editor: Tiwari, Neeraj,

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