Prediction intervals for future Weibull residual data

by M. Z. Raqab and R. A. Al-Jarallah.

Abstract: In reliability theory, risk analysis, renewal processes and actuarial studies, the residual lifetimes data play an important essential role in studying the conditional tail of the lifetime data. In this paper, Based on some observed ordered residual Weibull data, we introduce different prediction methods for obtaining prediction intervals of future residual lifetimes including likelihood, Wald, moments, parametric bootstrap, and highest conditional methods. Monte Carlo simulations are performed to compare the performances of the so obtained prediction intervals and one data analysis is performed for illustration purposes.

Key Words: Weibull distribution, residual lifetimes, order statistics, prediction interval

M. Z. Raqab,
R. A. Al-Jarallah,

Editor: A. S.  Bakleezi, :

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