Test for homogeneity of lifetimes of several systems under generalized inverted scale family of distributions based on Type II censored sampling design

by Shanubhogue, A and Raykundaliya, D.P. .

Abstract: In this paper we consider generalized inverted scale family of distributions (GIFD) as probability models for m independent systems of different make and study the problem of simultaneous estimation of the unknown parameters under an extension of Type II censoring scheme. We consider Maximum likelihood estimation (MLEs) of the scale and shape parameters. Asymptotic confidence intervals for m+1 parameters based on the MLEs are also constructed. As a special case, we consider generalized inverted exponential distribution (GIED) and conducted simulation study to investigate performance of the estimates and confidence intervals under type II censoring. Further, likelihood ratio test is used to test for homogeneity of several scale parameters and the cost effectiveness of the Type II censoring scheme in planning of experiment for the study of several populations is done using realistic cost function.

Key Words: Type II censoring scheme, generalized inverted exponential family of distribution (GIED), Newton-Raphson method, ML estimation, Monte-Carlo Simulation technique, likelihood ratio test, total time on test, cost function

Raykundaliya, D.P., dp_raykundaliya@spuvvn.edu
Shanubhogue, A.,

Editor: Hanagal, David D. , david@stats.unipune.ac.in

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