Statistical Analysis of Flood Peak data of North Brahmaputra Region of India based on the methods of TL-moment

by Surobhi Deka & Munindra Borah.

Abstract: TL-moment method has been used in an analysis to determine the best fitting distribution to 10 stream flow gauging sites of the North Brahmaputra region of India . Three extreme value distributions viz. generalized extreme value distribution, generalized logistic distribution, generalized Pareto distribution are fitted for this purpose using the method of TL-moment. The performances of the distributions are evaluated using three goodness of fit tests namely relative root mean square error, relative mean absolute error and probability plot correlation coefficient. Further, TL-moment ratio diagram is also used to confirm the goodness of fit for the above five distributions. Finally, goodness of fit test results are compared and generalized extreme value distribution is empirically proved to be the most appropriate distribution for describing the annual flood peak series for the majority of the stations in North Brahmaputra region of India when the parameters are estimated by using TL-moment method.

Key Words: TL-moments, Extreme value distribution, Quantile function, North Brahmaputra region

Surobhi Deka,
Munindra Borah,

Editor: Kishore K. Das,

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