Mixture Models based on Multiresolution Analysis Theory

by F. Palacios-González and R. García-Fernandez.

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to define a new family of probability density functions (MR pdf) based on the multiresolution analysis theory. Each function of this family can be seen as a particular type of density mixture. The MR pdf has advantages of estimation over the conventional mixtures and it is suitable to model a large variety of square integrable probability density functions. The flexibility and the properties of local analysis of the MR pdf facilitate the modelling of the splitting and merging of sub-populations into a given population. In order to do this two algorithms are provided.

Key Words: cubic box spline; income distribution; location of sub-populations; mixture model; multiresolution analysis

F. Palacios-González, fpalacio@ugr.es
Rosa García-Fernández, rosamgf@ugr.es

Editor: Ghorai, Jugal K, jugal@csd.uwm.edu

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