AWealth Index of Households Living Conditions in Mauritania

by El-Houssainy Abdel Bar Rady, Ahmed Amin El-Sheikh, and Mohamed ould Aly Oumar.

Abstract: Evaluating poverty reduction requires repeated measures of the living standards of the poor. In this paper, the possibility of constructing the asset index by using data of Mauritanian Survey on Household Living Conditions (SHLC, 2008) will be investigated and the relation between household socioeconomic positions classified by using asset index and traditional moneymetric measures, household expenditure will be considered

Key Words: classification, correlations, expenditure, living standards, principal component analysis, socio-economic status and wealth index

El-Houssainy Abdel Bar Rady,
Ahmed Amin El-Sheikh,
Mohamed ould Aly Oumar,

Editor: Knaub,James R.,

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