Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimators for the Two Populations GEV Distribution

by Jose A. Raynal-Villasenor .

Abstract: The method of maximum likelihood for estimating the parameters of the two populations general extreme value (TPGEV) probability distribution function for the maxima is presented for the case of flood frequency analysis. The proposed methodology is compared with widely used models, namely: two component extreme value (TCEV), general extreme value (GEV) and Gumbel distributions. The TPGEV distribution behaved well for those selected sets of data in Northwestern Mexico and the results of this distribution proved to be better than the TCEV model, when there are two populations present in the flood sample of data. The paper contains several numerical examples of the application of the proposed methodology.

Key Words: : probability, flood frequency analysis, maximum likelihood, parameter estimation, mixed distributions

Jose A. Raynal-Villasenor,

Editor: Mark Greenberg,

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