Time Control Charts Using Order Statistics

by By R.R.L.Kantam and M.Ch.Priya .

Abstract: Control charts are widely used for process monitoring in the manufacturing industry. A recent control scheme based on the cumulative quantity between observations of defects has been proposed which can be easily adopted to monitor the failure process for exponentially distributed inter-failure time. An investigation of its use for reliability monitoring is presented in this paper and the scheme can be easily extended to monitor inter-failure times that follow other distributions. For an effective monitoring of failure process the time between every rth failure (r is a natural number >=2) instead of inter-failure times is considered for developing a variable control chart called Time Control Charts. Use of order statistics is demonstrated for constructing the control limits whereas a similar previous work for exponential model is based on the sampling distribution of cumulative sums of inter-failure times. Our proposed method requires percentiles of the extreme order statistics and relatively simpler than the existing one. Our results are illustrated for some standard life testing models.

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