Bayesian One plan suspension system with single sampling plan as reference plan

by K.Pradeepa veerakumari and K.K. Suresh.

Abstract: The main crush of this paper is to study the behavioral pattern of operating characteristic function and the fraction defectives for assigned probability of acceptance under Bayesian Acceptance Sampling Systems with suspension rule which is used to suspend inspection on the basis of unfavorable lot history when Bayesian single sampling plan is considered. The decision to suspend is based on cumulative lot dispositions over the last k submitted lots, where suspension occurs if j lots are rejected in the sequence of k submitted lots.

Key Words: Suspension system, Reference Quality Level, Bayesian Single Sampling Plan, Beta Binomial Distribution, Gamma Poisson Distribution, Average Run Length, Overall Average Outgoing Quality Limit (OAOQL) , Maximum Allowable Average Percent Defective (MAAPD)

K.Pradeepa veerakumari,
K.K. Suresh,

Editor: Khattree, Ravi,

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