by Gyan K. Agarwal, Manish Trivedi, Usha Jha, Rajendra K. Jha and Ripunjai K. Shukla.

Abstract: Tobacco use, which is also the cause behind several respiratory diseases, generally starts in the teens. Therefore, we examined the risk of respiratory symptoms related to different smoke exposure type in case of an adult. An intensive survey looked promising as an initiative to investigate the use of tobacco in diverse age groups especially in adults. This paper reports the outcomes from a survey-based study carried out in the Ranchi district of the south eastern Indian state of Jharkhand. Methods: The questionnaire-based survey data of the random sample size of (n = 600) was analyzed. Multiple Linear regression model was suitably applied to study the Respiratory Health, as dependent variable while Tobacco Intake, Continuous Tobacco use, Age, Education level, Job Category, Income, General Health and Past Health of the tobacco users in the study area as independent variables after adjusting for age, gender, smoking and socioeconomic status. The results presented here are analyzed using Regression analysis, Chi-square test and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Test. Results: From the total sample size of (n = 700), 600 eligible cases have been included in the present analysis. As per our analysis, about 48.16% of the “adult”, population exposed to tobacco are under the age group of 18-25 years and 21% between 26-32 years. Of this, 38% of the reported individuals were “occupied” as students who were either exposed to the tobacco in the form of smoking or chewing. Conclusion: The recently formed state of Jharkhand in the eastern India is marked by the widespread problem of tobacco use among young adults, under the age group of 18-25. It is 38% in the urban school and college going youth as is observed in the Ranchi province.

Key Words: Tobacco use, Smoking, Environmental tobacco smoke, Tobacco control, Intensive Survey

Manish Trivedi,
Gyan K. Agarwal,
Usha Jha,
Ripunjai K. Shukla,
Rajendra K. Jha,

Editor: SANKU DEY,

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