by T. Pham-Gia and F. Aucoin.

Abstract: Newcomers to Bayesian Statistics, already hampered by the new jargon as well as by complex computation formulas, often have also to struggle with a non user-friendly software or have to learn another programming language. The very convenient table presented here will allow them, not only to bring most notions back to the marginal and conditional distributions in basic statistics, but to compute their numerical values as well, hence facilitating the learning of the whole new concept. Other uses of the table are also presented.

Key Words: Distribution, Prior, Posterior, Predictive, Marginal, Conditional, Likelihood, Sampling, Bayes Factor, Regression, Excel, R

Thu Pham-Gia, phamgit@umoncton.ca
François Aucoin,, frank.aucoin@gmail.com

Editor: Mohammad Fraiwan Al-Saleh,, malsaleh@sharjah.ac.ae

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