Evaluation of a Survey Using Nominal and Ordinal Logistic Regression

by Fatma Kocabaş, Yener Şişman and Berna Yazıcı.

Abstract: A survey is conducted in order to determine the pleasantness of disabled people in working life. The population is defined as the disabled people who are working for the companies which are obligatory employ the disabled people in Eskişehir, Turkey. Two logistic regression models are constructed, ordinal logistic regression model for the pleasantness of the disabled employees and nominal logistic regression model for the task types of the disabled. The models are interpreted, and the demographic structure of the disabled is also given.

Key Words: Disability, Employment of Disabled People, Nominal Logistic Regression, Ordinal Logistic Regression

Fatma Kocabaş, fkocabas@anadolu.edu.tr
Yener Şişman, ysisman@anadolu.edu.tr
Berna Yazıcı, bbaloglu@anadolu.edu.tr

Editor: R. G. Graf,rgraf@sunstroke.sdsu.edu

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