An efficient computational version of modified Szasz-Mirakjan-Operatoritle

by R. P. Jajua and A. Sahaib.

Abstract: Szasz proposed a generalization of the well-known Bernsteins polynomials extending to an infinite interval. The actual construction of the Szasz-Mirakjan Operator requires estimation per infinite series, which apparently restricts its usefulness from the computational point of view. Later, Grof modified and studied Szasz-Mirakjan Operator. This was a finite partial sum curtailment of infinite series of Szasz-Mirakjan Operator. Heinz-Gerd Lehnhoff proposed Modified Szasz-Mirakjan Operator. We have further proposed and studied the efficiency of the aforesaid modified operator. The study is supported and illustrated by a simple simulation study to bring forth the improvement and efficiency empirically. The results seem encouraging.

Key Words: Approximation; Positive Linear Operators; Szasz-Mirakjan Operator; Simulation And Error Estimation

R P Jaju,
Ashok Sahai,

Editor: Ahmed H. Youssef,

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