The Analysis of 2 x K Contingency Tables with Different Statistical Approaches

by Hassan Salah M. .

Abstract: The main objective of this paper is to analyze the 2 x K contingency tables with three statistical approaches (regression analysis, multinomial logistic regression analysis and linguistic fuzzy model). We compare these methods for evaluating the association between a risk factor and a disease. These statistical methods measure the association between the numeric levels of a risk factor and a disease in different ways. They have been applied to a set of data of childhood cancer risk from prenatal x-ray exposure. Regression and multinomial logistic regression analyses show similar results for a data set of 16226 children whereas the fuzzy analysis yields a different result.

Key Words: Contingency table, Multinomial logistic regression, Linguistic fuzzy model, Data of childhood cancer, X-ray exposure

Hassan Salah M.,

Editor: Graf, R.G.,

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