Evaluation the response of Wheat to Bio-organic agriculture Under Siwa Oasis Conditions

by Abd El-Gawad A.M. and Zeinab Tawfik El-Sayed.

Abstract: In order to study the influence of different biofertilizers either as N-fixing or P-dissolving bacteria (PDB) on the soil microbiological properties and the wheat production in new cultivated sandy soil, a field experiment was conducted at Siwa oasis. The traditional organic manuring with farmyard was used as a base treatment, while two bacterial strains were used either individually or in combination together. The soil microbial parameters were determined at the end of experiment as total microbial counts, CO2 evolution, azotobacters and phosphate dissolving bacteria. In addition, growth determinations like plant height, fresh and dry weight and crop yield as grain, straw and biological yields were undertaken in which the economic evaluation were estimated as well. The data revealed to the almost importance of engaging biofertilization with organic manuring in unified bio-organic treatment. The order of strain influences on crop yield and bacterial count arranged as follows mixed treatment with both microorganisms gave the highest response but the lowest effects were recorded in the control. azotobacters seemed to be specified in enhancing grain production and all growth parameters either individually or combined with phosphate dissolving bacteria.

Key Words: New cultivated land, farmyard manure, biofertilizers, wheat production, economic microbiology, non- symbiotic nitrogen fixation, phosphate dissolving bacteria, statistic microbiology

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