Parameters Estimation of a Discriminant Function For Some Higher Institutes Graduates in Egypt

by Hassan S. M..

Abstract: The main objectives of this study are to construct a discriminant function for graduates of higher institutes in Egypt, estimate the parameters of this function, test the significance of the function and test the significance of the predictors. The estimated function is used to determine the group membership for any cases that are not included in the analysis. The gender, age, secondary type and secondary grade are the most important predictors for classifying the graduates in higher institutes in Egypt. That is these predictors are used to determine the group membership of any graduate who included or not in the analysis. The senior graduates are very rare in these institutions because the most of them were educated in technical secondary schools and the others who were educated in general secondary schools had a low sum of grades in secondary certificate exam.

Key Words: function, Data mining, Significance test

Hassan S. M. ,

Editor: Mohanad Al-khasawneh,

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