General Considerations for Research Methodology in Management Decisions

by Umesh B. Dubey.

Abstract: In the context of planning and development, the quality of the supporting research is of utmost importance. It is therefore necessary to design and adhere to an appropriate research methodology. The research methodology may differ from problem to problem, but the basic approach remains the same. The objective of this paper is to familiarize new researchers with the art of using different research methods and techniques. This outline will assist in the accomplishment of exploratory, as well as result-oriented research studies. This should build confidence that the information/data obtained from a business unit will be used appropriately. Considerations here include the following: Objective of Business Research, Types of Research, and Types of Research Approach, Benefits, Business Research Requirements and Problems, Contents of a Research Plan, Features of a Business Research Report.

Key Words: Simulation, Inferential, Diagnostic, Data Handling, Transmittal

Umesh Bhayyalal Dubey,

Editor: James R. Knaub, Jr.,

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