Pooled Estimation Technique Under Post-Stratified Cluster Sampling Scheme

by Manish Trivedi.

Abstract: The stratification in sample surveys needs the knowledge of strata size and stratum frames both. When any one of them is not available, the stratification is restricted. This paper presents a modified class of estimators for estimating the population mean under the setup of poststratified cluster sampling. Three proposed weighted cluster estimators are derived using the weight structure of Agarwal and Panda (1993) for the post stratified cluster design. Properties of these estimators are derived in the form of theorems and their mutual comparison are made. A new technique for pooled estimation is also incorporated.

Key Words: Optimum, Pooled Estimator, Post-stratified, M.S.E., Cluster

Manish Trivedi, manish_trivedi1976@yahoo.com

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