Is the Three-point System Necessarily Better Than the Two-point System in Soccer?

by Hakan Demirtas.

Abstract: Once upon a time, the winning team received two points in soccer. To make the game more interesting and exciting, the new three-point rule came into play. Presumably, this would ensure that there would be no more boring passes, no more ugly time-running tricks, and no more kicking the ball randomly off the court. Games were supposed to be winning-oriented, because one win would be worth more than two ties. Teams were going to be full of aggression, drive and a desire to win. Obviously, in soccer leagues, the game is better now than it was before. However, is this true in semi-elimination systems such as the first round of 2010 World Cup? In this note, this question is addressed.

Key Words: Sports Statistics, Semi-elimination, Simulation

Hakan Demirtas,

Editor: Debasis Kundu,

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