Testing Exponential Better than Used in Average on Specific Interval Class of Life Distribution Based on Total Time on Test Transform

By Elhosany A. Rady, Enas F. Lashin and Faheem A. Abass .

Abstract: Test statistics for testing exponentiality against Exponential Better (Worse) than Used in Average on Specific Interval EBUASI (EWUASI) is proposed based on the goodness of fit approach. The critical values of this test are calculated and tabulated for sample size n=5(1)40, 45, 50. The Pitman asymptotic efficiency (PAE) is discussed and the power of the test for some commonly used distributions in reliability is calculated. Finally, real example is presented to illustrate the theoretical results.

Key Words: EBUASI, EWUASI, exponential distribution, goodness of fit, Pitman's asymptotic efficiency

Elhosany A. Rady ,
Enas F. Lashin ,
Faheem A. Abass, fa_abass@yahoo.com

Editor: Dey, Sanku,sanku_dey2k2003@yahoo.com

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