New Class of Life Distributions Based on a Property of the Coefficient of Variation

by A. N. Ahmed, H. M. Hewedi, E. Rakha , and E. M. Shokry .

Abstract: In this paper, we shall focus our attention on a special form of life distributions which is defined in terms of the residual conditional coefficient of variation particularly when t = 0. This class and its dual class will be named extended harmonic new better(worse) than used in expectation , and will be denoted by EHNBUE (EHNWUE). The introduced class will be shown to contain the HNBUE class, the L-class, as well as the DVRL class and enjoys many desirable properties that the DVRL class does not. Some properties of the class are also established. Among the results, preservation properties under several reliability operations are investigated. We build and study the properties of an exact test for testing the null hypothesis that a distribution function is exponential versus the alternative that the distribution possesses the EHNBUE property and is not exponential.

Key Words: Convolution, hypothesis testing, coherent structures, and mixtures

A. N. Ahmed,
H. M. Hewedi,
E. A. Rakha,
E. M. Shokry,

Editor: Ke, Weiming,

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