Generalizing the Equation of Defining the Boundary of a Constrained Region for Three Factors and the Preferred Design

by Alyaa Roshdy Zahran.

Abstract: Economical, practical, or physical constraints sometimes prevent the factor space of a designed experiment from being a regular p-dimensional hypercube or hypersphere. In this case, standard designs may not be the best choice; and it is desirable to be able to find best designs under these restrictions. This paper extends the work of Zahran (2004) using a more general equation to define the boundary of a modified 23 factorial design. The paper considers optimality criteria and the Fraction of design space criterion for a preferred design for this restricted design space.

Key Words: alphabetical optimality criteria, linear models, non-regular design space, fraction of design graph

Alyaa Roshdy Zahran,

Editor: Khattree, Ravi,

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