General Considerations for Research Studies

by Umesh B. Dubey.

Abstract: The scope of research methodology is wider than that of research methods. The conclusions drawn based on experimental data are often criticized. There is paucity of competent researchers. Consequence is obvious—the research results, quite often, do not reflect the reality or realities. There is insufficient interaction between the university research departments on one side, and business establishments, Government departments and research institutions on the other side. Great volumes of primary data of non-confidential nature remain untouched/unrelated by the researchers for want of proper contacts. The objective of this paper is to enable researchers, irrespective of their discipline, in developing the most appropriate methodology for their research studies. This includes Research Problem Formulation, Extensive literature survey, developing the hypothesis, preparing the research design, determining sample design, collecting the data, execution of the project, analysis of data, hypothesis testing, generalizations and interpretation, and preparation of the report or presentation of the results, i.e., a formal write-up of conclusions reached.

Key Words: Snowball, Purposive, Validity data, Quota, Socio-economic

Umesh Bhayyalal Dubey,

Editor: Jim Knaub,

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