Inferences for P(Y less than X) for Weibull Distribution Based on Censored Samples

by Abd Elfattah, A. M. and Marwa O. Mohamed.

Abstract: his paper deals with the estimation of R = P(Y less than X) where X and Y are two independent Weibull distributions with different scale parameters but having the same shape parameter. The results are based on censored data. Different methods for estimating R are proposed. The MLE, UMVUE and Bayes estimators are obtained. A numerical illustration presented to compare the different proposed estimators. The confidence interval of R is also obtained.

Key Words: Maximum likelihood estimator; Unbiasedness; Consistency; Uniform minimum variance unbiased estimator; Bayesian estimator; Pivotal quantity; Fisher information

Marwa O. Mohamed,

Editor: Xie, Min,

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