Evaluation of Xand charts when Standards Vary Randomly S by Aamir Saghir

by Aamir Saghir .

Abstract: The study proposes control limits for Xand charts using Bayesian framework assuming the normality of the quality characteristic. The study deals with the analysis of the robust character of charts for variables when variations in lot-to-lot quality are suspected. Our approach consists of two stages, (i) construction of the control limits based on Bayesian framework (ii) evaluation of the proposed control limits using sampling and Bayesian Inference. Evaluation of the proposed control limits is examined using the power curve obtained for different hypothetical specifications of the data generating process. The proposed control limits based on predictive distribution are more efficient than the usual control limits in detecting a shift in parameter of the process. S

Key Words: Control charts; Bayesian Analysis; Predictive distribution; Power Curve

Aamir Saghir , aamirstat@yahoo.com

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