Discrete Maxwell Distribution

by Hare Krishna and Pramendra Singh Pundir.

Abstract: Maxwell distribution plays an important role in Physics and other allied sciences. This paper introduces a discrete analogue of the Maxwell Distribution, called Discrete Maxwell Distribution or dMax Distribution. This distribution is suggested as a suitable reliability model to fit a range of discrete lifetime data. Distributional properties, reliability characteristics and its relationships with continuous Maxwell distribution are also elicitated. The article displays a simulation study on fitting dMax distribution as compared to other popular discrete models. Maximum likelihood estimation and Bayesian analysis for the dMax distribution are also explored.

Key Words: Maxwell distribution, discrete lifetime models, reliability, failure rate, Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Bayes estimation

Hare Krishna, hkrishnastats@yahoo.com
Pramendra Singh Pundir, pspundir@gmail.com

Editor: Debasis Kundu, kundu@iitk.ac.in

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