by by Prabjot Kaur, Rakesh Verma, N.C.Mahanti and Soubhik Chakraborty. .

Abstract: n the process of vendor selection, the most important issue is to determine a suitable decision-making method and select the right vendor. Essentially the vendor selection problem is a multi-criteria decision making problem under an uncertain environment. Fuzzy set theory best handles these uncertainties. In this paper an integration of standard scores (fuzzy and crisp) and linear programming is proposed to consider both tangible and intangible factors in choosing the best vendors and placing the optimum order quantities among them such that the total value of purchasing (TVP) becomes maximum. We use Andrews' plot for plotting multivariate data in two dimensions. Finally a numerical example illustrates our methodology.

Key Words: Vendor Selection Problem; Z Score; Linear programming; Fuzzy numbers; Andrews plot

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