A Numerical Procedure for Computing Chi-Square Percentage Points

by Waheed Babatunde Yahya, Philip Iyiola Farayola, and Daniel Eni.

Abstract: A simpler algorithm for computing probability values of a Chi-square (?2) random variable X is provided. This algorithm accurately compute a comprehensive ?2 probability values for all the range of X at specified degrees of freedom without further need to extrapolate before some desired ?2 probability values are obtained as a result of their non-availability in some of the currently available statistical tables. It is further demonstrated that, the P-values for any ?2-tests could be readily obtained from the ?2 probability values computed by our method.

Key Words: ?2-tests, P-value, Normal approximation, power divergent goodness-of-fit

Waheed Babatunde Yahya, Email1
Philip Iyiola Farayola,
Daniel Eni

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