Weighting Mistakes in Medical Diagnostics

by Pablo Martínez Camblor, Aina Yañez, Corsino Rey & Marta Los arcos .

Abstract: In this paper we study the usual topic of the relevance of the error in the medical decisions, in particular, we have that bBacterial infection, specially sepsis, produces an induction of several mediators wich can be detected in blood. Procalcitonin (PCT) is one of this mediators and could be used as a marker of bacterial sepsis. Moreover, PCT levels are related to the severity of infection, presenting higher levels the patients with more severe sepsis. However, there is still some debate about the best cutoff levels to differentiate a patient with sepsis from a patient without sepsis.

Key Words: Utility: Sensitivity: Specificity: Kernel Estimation: Threshold

Pablo Martínez Camblor, martinez@caubet-cimera.es
Aina Yañez Juan, aina.yanez@caubet-cimera.es
Corsino Rey Galan, crey@uniovi.es
Marta Los Arcos Solas, martalosarcos@yahoo.es

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