Availability Evaluation of a Stochastic System of Environmental Safety in Mines


Abstract: This paper introduces a “statistical investigation of the availability of a previously proposed [14], “ventilation system” having three renewable fans with exponentially distributed failure, repair and replacement times. The analysis is done for the ultimate goal of promoting the “safety” level in underground mines. Statistical “results” are provided for assessing the point-wise availability of the discussed ventilation system as well as its asymptotic behavior. The derived value of “unity” for the steady-state availability of the system represents the main contribution of this work. This value confirms the “long-run” availability of the system, which means that the system will be performing satisfactorily over a given “future” time interval. Three suggestions are given for pursuing other probabilistic approaches to statistically analyze the availability of the ventilation system. Finally, the “main conclusion” of this paper can be considered as an “extension” of a previously given one in [5], because of deriving it under more “general” assumptions regarding the structure of the “states” of the system.

Key Words: Availability, point–wise availability, steady-state availability, asymptotic behavior, safety level.


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