Optimum Constant-Stress Partially Accelerated Life Test Plans with Type-II Censoring: The case of Weibull Failure distribution

By Ali A. Ismail.

Abstract: This paper deals with simple constant-stress Partially Accelerated Life Tests (PALT) with Type-II censoring. It is assumed that the lifetime at design stress has a Weibull distribution. Statistically optimal PALT plans are developed such that the Generalized Asymptotic Variance (GAV) of the Maximum-Likelihood Estimators (MLEs) of the model parameters at design stress is minimized. For illustration, simulation studies are introduced.

Key Words: Reliability; Partially Accelerated Life Tests; Weibull distribution; constant-stress; maximum likelihood estimation; Fisher information matrix; generalized asymptotic variance; optimum test plans; failure-censoring; Monte Carlo simulation

Ali A. Ismail, aismail100@yahoo.com

Editor: Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Ageel, miaqeel@kku.edu.sa

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