First-order superdiagonal bilinear time series for tracking software reliability

by Bouzaachane Khadija, Harti Mostafa, Benghabrit Youssef.

Abstract: The research work of this paper is devoted to model and predict the inter-failure of software by using one model of bilinear time series, this model can related to existing software reliability growth model. We propose the first-order bilinear time series model as a new model of software reliability. This model belongs to the models which are based on modeling inter-failure times of software. To prove the strengths of our model, we compare its predictions with those of non-Gaussian Kalman filter model of Chen and Singpurwalla.

Key Words: Software Reliability, Inter-Failure Times,First-order Superdiagonal Bilinear Time Series Model, Non-Gaussian Kalman Filter Model

Bouzaachane Khadija,
Harti Mostafa,
Benghabrit Youssef,

Editor: Ageel I. A. Mohammed,

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