On Why the Parameters of Input Distributions Need be Taken Into Account for a More Precise Evaluation of Complexity for Certain Algorithms

by Soubhik Chakraborty, Mausumi Bose and Kumar Sushant.

Abstract: Taking a dip into what is called the "gold standard" in research, the authors show how parameters of the input distributions play a crucial role in complexity analysis for certain algorithms such as sorting, citing the Binomial input case for replacement sort an illustration, indicating how ties play a crucial role for discrete distributions. The relationship between computer experiments and algorithmic complexity is also discussed(see also our paper in InterStat December2004#2 issue)

Key Words: Replacement sort, parameters of input distribution, average complexity, interchanges, stochastic realisation of a deterministic computer experiment

Soubhik Chakraborty, soubhikc@yahoo.co.in
Mausumi Bose, mausumi@isical.ac.in
Kumar Sushant, kumarsushant@yahoo.com

Editor: Joseph McKean, joe@stat.wmich.edu

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