A More Robust Procedure for Testing the Null Hypothesis in MANOVA

by Chris N. Kladopoulos and Philip H. Ramsey.

Abstract: Earlier research on Pillai's V statistic and Wilks' generalized correlation ratio statistic, U, suggest that a combination of these two procedures can be used to form a more robust test in MANOVA. The present investigation considers two methods of forming such a composite procedure. One of these procedures is shown to provide a robust alternative to existing methods for testing the full-null hypothesis for small samples while the other is shown to be superior for medium to large samples.

Key Words: Significance testing, robustness, multivariate analysis

Chris N. Kladopoulos, Kladcuny@aol.co
Philip H. Ramsey, phramsey@aol.com

Editor: Dayanand N. Naik,dnaik@odu.edu

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