Profit analysis of a two unit cold standby system with preventive maintenance and random change in units

by KHaled M. EL-Said & Mohamed Salah EL-Sherbeny.

Abstract: This paper discuss the reliability of two units cold standby system with single repair. For achieving high reliability of the system, the operative and the standby units are interchanged at random epochs and additional preventive maintenance of operative and the standby units also. After the repair, the unit is sent for inspection to decide whether the repair is satisfactory . In case the repair is found unsatisfactory the unit is again sent for post repair .Using a regenerative point technique, various measures of system effectiveness are obtained.

Key Words: reliability, preventive maintenance, inspection, regenerative point technique, post repair

KHaled M. EL-Said,
Mohamed Salah EL-Sherbeny

Editor: Min Xie,

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