The Algorithms and Design for Real-time Hotelling's T2 and MEWMA Control Chart in MSPC

by Meng Cheng Lau, Yuwaldi Away, Mohammad Khatim Hasan.

Abstract: This paper deals with the area of the process monitoring and control in multivariate quality with the proposed algorithm and design. The proposed architecture design unifies two existing MSPC techniques which is Hotelling's T2 and MEWMA control charts that features an useful graphical user interface (GUI). An architecture of real-time multivariate statistical process control (MSPC) system and a algorithm is also propose in this paper for subgroup data and individual observation scenarios. With the real-time multi-channel hardware sensors (Vernier LabPro) that interfaced directly to a client platform via universal serial bus (USB) or RS232 serial, it is dedicated to monitoring and controlling the multivariate process with this real-time data collecting.

Key Words: MSPC (multivariate statistical process control), Hotellings T2, MEWMA (multivariate exponentially weighted moving average, real-time

Meng Cheng Lau,
Yuwaldi Away,
Mohammad Khatim Hasan,

Editor: M. Xie,

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