An Abductive Inference Model for Control Chart Selection

by Nazatul Aini Abd Majid, Mohammed Khatim Hasan, Hazura Mohamed and Abd Malik Md Yusof.

Abstract: This paper introduces an abductive inference model and a new algorithm based on the abductive inference for handling control chart selection. Usually, the inputs for the control chart selection systems nowadays consist of answers for a series of questions related to the observation data characteristics whereas the output is the explanation about the data. Using abductive logic, a reverse system model can be generated. This system model takes the observation data as inputs and produces a diagnosis by generating sets of data characteristics that explain the observation data.

Key Words: Abductive Inference, Control Chart Selection

Nazatul Aini Abd Majid,
Mohammed Khatim Hasan,
Hazura Mohamed,
Abd Malik Md Yusof,

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