The Unconditional and Conditional Censored Wilcoxon Rank Sum Null Distributions: Tabulated Values and P-Value Program

by Petra L. Graham, Steven N. MacEachern and Douglas A. Wolfe.

Abstract: Applications of nonparametric test procedures involving censored data often rely on asymptotic approximations. The unconditional and conditional censored Wilcoxon rank sum null distributions, described briefly here and in more detail elsewhere, provide small sample critical values for Type I censored data. This paper focuses on presenting such tabulated critical values for a variety of sample sizes. The Fortran code used to determine these tabulated values and the code for an additional program that can be used to find p-values are also included.

Key Words: Censoring, Wilcoxon Rank Sum Distribution, Critical Values, Fortran

Petra L. Graham,
Steven N. MacEachern,
Douglas A. Wolfe,

Editor: Munsup Seoh,

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