Practical Methods for Electric Power Survey Data

by James R. Knaub, Jr.

Abstract: Establishment surveys often create distinct circumstances, and research has been generated to solve many of the resulting statistical problems, to varying degrees. The application of the results of this research, regarding estimation, imputation and editing, may or may not be found to also be useful for household surveys or other applications. For electric power data, the circumstances may be even more unusual than for many other establishment surveys. Still, research to solve these problems, although inspired by the need to cope with given situations, may result in methods that are more generally useful. This appears to be the case for much of the work done since approximately 1988 at the Office of Coal, Nuclear, Electric and Alternate Fuels (CNEAF), within the Energy Information Administration (EIA). This work is briefly reviewed and current efforts are described. Commentary is given regarding the practical, problem solving emphasis of these methods. Both census surveys and sample surveys are considered. Sampling errors and nonsampling errors are discussed, as well as the usefulness of regression modeling for purposes of editing and/or imputation. The author's opinions are his own and not EIA policy unless designated by other documents.

Key Words: Design-Based Sampling, Model-Based Sampling, Regression Weights, Small Area Estimation, Imputation, Data Editing, Data Quality

James R. Knaub, Jr.,

Editor: Richard G. Graf,

This article was revised in October 2010.

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