Multivariate Methods in Quantifying the Variability in the Perception of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Characteristics in Nine Hospitals in the Washington, DC Area: The NIH-DC Initiative to Reduce Infant Mortality in Minority Populations in the District of Columbia

by W. Kenneth Poole, PhD , Murrary Pollack, MD , Irina Rapoport, MS, Valerie S.L. Williams,PhD Matt Koch, MD,PhD, A. Vijaya Rao, PhD ,Doris A. Bartel, MSN,RNC.

Abstract: Multivariate Regression methods are used to select clinical care characteristics which differ significantly among nine hospitals in the Washington, DC area. In future publications, these characteristics will be related to neonatal outcomes.

Key Words: multivariate methods, variable selection, organizational characteristics

W. Kenneth Poole, poo@rti.0rg
Murrary Pollack,
Irina Rapoport,
Valerie S.L. Williams,
Matt Koch,
Vijaya Rao,
Doris A. Bartel

Editor: Ravi Khattree,

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