A General Class Estimators of Population Median

by Jack Allen, Housila P.Singh , Sarjinder Singh and Florentin Smarandache .

Abstract: In this paper we have suggested two classes of estimators for population median MY of the study character Y using information on two auxiliary characters X and Z in double sampling. It has been shown that the suggested classes of estimators are more efficient than the one suggested by Singh et al (2001). Estimators based on estimated optimum values have been also considered with their properties. The optimum values of the first phase and second phase sample sizes are also obtained for the fixed cost of survey.

Key Words: Median estimation, Chain ratio and regression estimators, Study variate, Auxiliary variate, Classes of estimators, Mean squared errors, Cost, Double sampling

Mohammad Khoshnevisan( Jack Allen), m.khoshnevisan@mailbox.gu.edu.au
JHousila P. Singh, hpsujn@rediffmail.com
Sarjinder Singha, ssingh@math.carleton.ca
Florentin Smarandache, smarand@unm.edu

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