Identification of Outlying Cells in Multi-way Tables

by Jong Cheol Lee and Chong Sun Hong .

Abstract: An identification method is proposed in order to detect more than one outlying cells in multi-way contingency tables. The iterative proportional fitting method is applied to get expected values of several suspected outlying cells. Since the proposed method uses minimal sufficient statistics under quasi log-linear models, expected counts of outlying cells could be estimated under any hierarchical log-linear models. This method is an extension of the backwards-stepping method of Simonoff (1988) and requires less iteration to identify outlying cells.

Key Words: backwards stepping, Bonfferoni's bound, deleted residual, forwards stepping, hierarchical loglinear model, influence, minimal sufficient statistics, outlying cell, quasi-independence

Jong Cheol Lee ,
Chong Sun Hong ,

Editor: Mun Sup Seoh ,

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