Tests for Location with K Samples Under the Koziol-Green Model of Random Censorship

by Ke Wu .

Abstract: In survival analysis, one is often interested in comparing several groups (or treatments) in terms of their means, medians, or distributions when data are possibly censored. This paper considers tests for location with k samples and randomly right-censored data. Under the Koziol-Green model of random censorship in which the survival distribution of the censoring times is some power of the survival distribution of the lifetimes, one class of k-sample location tests similar to those discussed by James (1987), which allows shapes do differ in the k populations, are developed. The tests are based on general estimating functions and do not require full parametric assumptions for large samples. The asymptotic distribution of the test scores is derived under the null hypothesis.

Key Words: K-sample Location Test, Koziol-Green Model, Random Censorship, Maximum Likelihood Estimator, Product Limit Estimator

Ke Wu, kwu@olemiss.edu

Editor: Joseph W. McKean , joe@stat.wmich.edu

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