Optimal Small Response Surface Designs

by Tena Ipsilantis Katsaounis .

Abstract: Three level factorial designs are discussed that are suitable for small second order designs. The best choice of potential design points is discussed under the criterion of minimizing the generalized variance of the parameters in the model. Two methods are presented that yield designs with different resolution for the main effects and two factor interactions. Both methods involve the use of Partially Balanced or PB1 arrays. The Extended Partially Balanced Array is defined as a generalization of the PB1 array.

Key Words: Asymmetrical balanced array, D-optimal design, Irregular fractional factorial design, Response surface design, Partially balanced array

Tena Ipsilantis Katsaounis, pkatsaouni@aol.com

Editor: Johan O. Fellman, fellman@shh.fi

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