On Predictive Distributions for the Generalized Growth Curve Model

by Jack C. Lee, J. W. Lee and Y. L. Hsu .

Abstract: Due to the complexity of predictive distributions for the generalized growth curve model, we propose some useful approximations. Using the Gibbs sampling, we can compare, via a real data set, the simulations with the approximate predictive distributions to obtain the best approximation among the candidates considered.

Key Words: Approximations, Gibbs sampling, Metropolis-Hastings, Laplacian, Rao-Blackwellization, Ramus height data

Jack C. Lee, jclee@stat.nctu.edu.tw
J. W. Lee, jwlee@stat.nctu.edu.tw
Y. L. Hsu, ylhsu@stat.nctu.edu.tw

Editor: Dayanand N. Naik , dnn@math.odu.edu

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