Using Prediction-Oriented Software for Survey Estimation - Part II: Ratios of Totals

by James R. Knaub, Jr.

Abstract:This article is an extension of Knaub (1999), "Using Prediction-Oriented Software for SurveyEstimation," which dealt with the estimation of totals and subtotals and the corresponding estimates ofvariance in the presence of 'missing data,' whether missing as part of a sampling scheme, or as a result ofnonresponse. The current article deals with ratios of totals. An example from the electric power industrywould be the estimation of revenue per kilowatthour and its associated variance estimate. As in Knaub(1999), the goal is to produce such estimates by making use of currently available software in which themodel can be quickly and easily modified, and the data may be stored in such a manner that they may beeasily recategorized for purposes of publishing various aggregations of the data with correspondingvariance estimates.

Key Words: survey sampling, prediction, estimation, imputation, variance estimation, ratios of totals

James R. Knaub,

Editor:John Hinde,

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