Analysis of inhibitory point processes derived from a sequence of auto-Poisson lattice schemes

by Jose M. Albert, Jorge Mateu and Jose C. Pernias .

Abstract: It is known that almost any purely inhibitory pairwise interaction point process can be obtained as the limit of a suitable sequence of auto-Poisson lattice schemes. In this context, several authors have used the pseudo-likelihood parameter estimation procedure. However, there appears to be no extensive simulation study to analyze the behaviour of such parameter estimators as the number of grids increases. In this paper, we review the limit theorems concerned, present a computer software (SPPA) and analyze the results of a Monte Carlo simulation study based on a particular pairwise interaction model.

Key Words: Auto-Poisson distribution, lattice data, pairwise interaction processes, SPPA, Strauss point process

Jose M. Albert,
Jose C. Pernias , Email#3

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