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Statistics on the Internet
InterStat is the name given to the location on the Internet where one can publish or read about any aspect of statistical research or innovative method. Articles are submitted to the editor whose interests are closest to those of the article. Once accepted, the articles abstract is made available for viewing. From the abstract one can read or download the article or any comments written about it. The articles are in Portable Document Format (.pdf).

Free Readers:
In order to read these articles you must install a Portable Document Format (pdf) reader.
Free pdf readers are available from Adobe Acrobat for Macintosh, Windows, Dos, and Sun UNIX machines.

Prospective Authors:
If you are considering publishing in InterStat please read the Instructions for Prospective Authors. This will tell you how to submit your article and recommend an appropriate editor.

The Articles:
You can find the article you want to read by using the:
or the

If you have constructive criticism which will aid an author in improving his/her article then please send this, by e-mail, directly to the author.
If you have a comment, which you would like to be considered for publication as an add on to the article, then e-mail your comment to the editor listed in the articles abstract.

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